Mobile Computing [Assignment :- 06]

Assignment: – 06 (Chapter 11,12,16)

1)      What is Content Provider? List default content providers.

2)      Explain following content providers with example. (Purpose, URI to access the resource, Example, Fetching some of important columns, permission required <uses-permission> tag)

  1. MediaStore
  2. Browser
  3. CallLog
  4. Contacts

3)      Write a android application to fetch all audio files and bind it to the listview, play the audio file when user clicks on any audio file from listview.

4)      Write android application to fetch images from the sdcard and bind it to the gallery control. Use appropriate content provider.

5)      Write android application to list out all website visited by the user along with several information such as how many times user has visited that site, whether it is bookmarked etc.

6)      Write android application to retrieve call log information and separate them in terms of incoming call, outgoing call and missed call.

7)      How to modify Content Providers data? Explain insert, update and delete operation on data of Content Provider with suitable example.

8)      How to create custom content provider? Write steps to create custom content provider. (Steps, permission required to act as content provider, importance of UriMatcher Class, implementing insert(),update(),delete(), query() methods).

9)      What is Live folder? How it can be useful? Explain process of creating LiveFolder.

10)  Write android application to read xml located on internet.

11)  Explain HttpURLConnection class to fetch information about content, content type, data and time information of the data available on web.

12)  Explain five methods of XMLPullParser Class.

13)  Write android application to parse xml file available on the web and display data stored within xml file to the TextView.

14)  List and explain XMLPullParser Events.

15)  Explain following ways to assign time consuming tasks to new thread other then UI Thread with example. (Two ways : 1) AsyncTask 2) Custom way)

  1. AsyncTask (Methods need to override, how interaction happen between UI Thread & New thread designed for background process, example, method required to be overridden)
  2. Custom way (Create new thread, post progress, specify way of interaction using handler between UI Thread and new thread)

16)  Write android application to parse xml file available on web to search for image tag and attribute value for href till end of document. Show these images in ImageSwitcher. Create separate thread to do this task in background & post the image to UI Thread.

17)  Write android application to use NetworkInfo class to get information about various network types. (Information such as Available, Connected etc.)

18)  Explain TelephoneManager Class to retrieve information about call state.

19)   Write android application to retrieve information about the state of the service. What is the importance of retrieving these information?

20)  Write android code to format phone number as per the current locale.

21)  Write android code to send sms to given phone no.

22)  Explain process of receiving sms and displaying in the textview.

23)  Write android application that makes call to given phone no.


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