Mobile Computing [Assignment :- 05]

Assignment :- 05 (Chapter 10)
  1. What is preference? Explain with example to store, update & delete data using private preference.
  2. Explain shared preferences to transfer data between activities with example.
  3. Write a program to create & write a data file, open that file & display in textview.
  4. Write a code to perform following operations with SQLite Databae.
    1. Create Database
    2. Create Table (with autoincrement, not null, primary key constraints)
    3.  Inserting, Updating, Deleting records.
  5. Explain query() method to retrieve data from database.
  6. Explain rawquery() method & SQLiteQueryBuilder class to retrieve data from SQLite database.
  7. What is persistent database? Write a code to create persistent database.
  8. Explain cursoradapter to  bind data with container controls.

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