Mobile Computing [Assignment :- 03]

Assignment :- 03

  1. Explain following widgets with example. (Widget Purpose, description about widget, Designing XML (Specify major attribute) & Java way, Provide suitable example to handle at least one event of widget, at least 3 methods of the widget)
    1. TextView
    2. EditText
    3. AutoCompleteTextView
    4. MultiAutoCompleteTextView
    5. TimePicker
    6. DatePicker
    7. Chronometer
    8. Spinner
    9. Button
    10. ToggelButton
    11. ImageButton
    12. CheckBox
    13. RadioGroups, RadioButton
    14. ProgressBar
    15. SeekBar
    16. RatingBar
    17. DigitalClock
    18. AnalogClock
    19. OptionsMenu
    20. ContextMenu
  2. Explain handling following events with example.
    1. Touch mode change
    2. Events on the screen (PreDraw, GlobalLayout, GlobalFocusChange)
    3. Long Click
    4. Focus Change
  3. What are dialogs in android? Explain dialog supported by android with example.                          (Provide example for each dialog i.e. AlertDialog, CharacterPickerDialog, DatePickerDialog,          ProgressDialog, TimePickerDialog)
  4. Explain lifecycle of a Dialog.
  5. Explain creating & applying “Style” & “Theme” to android application with example.



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