Mobile Computing [Assignment :- 02]

Assignment: – 02

Date: – 10/08/2011

Submission Date: – 25/08/2011

  • Write a brief note on OHA.
  • List and explain in detail advantages and features of android platform.
  • Explain underlying architecture of android platform. (Draw the figure)
  • Write a brief note on following


  • List and explain 3 methods of Log class. How it is useful for debugging application explain with example.
  • Explain following in detail. (Ref book : 01 & Text book)

Content providers
Broadcast receivers

  • What is activity stack? How android platform manages various activities?
  • Explain various states of activities of application. Draw the fig. that demonstrates state change of activity. (Ref book:01 pg no. 79 & fig 3.7)
  • Explain lifecycle of an activity with example.
  • Write a brief note on “androidmanifest.xml” file. Explain purpose and importance of this file for android project.
  • Explain following with respect to “androidmanifest.xml” file (Tags used & example) (Ref book : 01 & Text book)

Application’s Identity (versioncode, app icon, app name etc.)
Application’s system requirements (used-sdk , sdk versions..)
Application platform requirements (uses-configuration supported input methods, uses-feature device features, supports-screens screen sizes, external libraries)
Registering permission for application’s requirements (uses-permission e.g. camera)

  • Explain registering application’s activities to androidmanifest.xml file? How to make any activity as main activity, explain with example.
  • Explain resources with respect to android.
  • Explain handling following resources with suitable example

Accessing string, string-array resources
Accessing Boolean, Integer resources
Accessing Color resources
Accessing Dimension resources


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